Trevor has lead a very interesting life, a life which has virtually taken him around the world and back again, he was a long-term career soldier who joined the army as a boy at the age of 15, throughout his 30-year military career he worked hard and played hard which gained him credibility earning him many promotions until he retired in 1992 as a Major.

He has always strived to help those less fortunate than himself and devoted much of his spare time in helping raise much needed funds for many charities and organisations. His literary talents have in the past resulted in him writing articles for ‘The Angling Times, The Sea Angler, and The Boat Angler’ Magazines, along with many charity journals. In 1994, he also wrote “Fishing Marks for the Sea Angler – Selsey Bill to Anvil Point”. Following his retirement from the army, he has written another book, How We Built the Gambia Army. The title doesn’t fully depict what the book is about as he also wrote the many in-country charitable events that he lead whilst serving in West Africa.

Trevor carried out so much research in an attempt to get things together, has chosen again to think of others by releasing his story and research in the hope that as he states “If I can help prevent one person from going through the pain and anguish which I have gone through – then I will feel that I have achieved what I set out to do’


This book has come about by the dedication and hard work and guts of the small team that was put together to achieve what at times was believed to be the unachievable, in line with an acute decrease in resources of the army through financial shortages and Gambian government inefficiencies.


This is a story about a broken man. That broken was me. I was unable to see the signs of a broken marriage and kept believing with my body and soul along with my Christian beliefs in one hand that everything would sort itself out! It is certainly true that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. I was blinded for not reading the signs of a failing marriage.

Trevor Stewart started out on his ‘mission to Malta, after he and his new wife (who is Maltese) became married and set off to Malta on their Honeymoon. Stewart not only fell deeply in love with his wife, but also with the history and heraldry of Malta and the Maltese people. No matter how many times you visit this jewel in the Mediterranean you can rest assured you will return time and time again, with hunger to gain more knowledge.